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The Marnhull Stone Quarry at Red Lane Todber.


We have been quarrying natural stone from the Corallian Oolitic Limestone beds for many decades, the warm creamy to honey colour range of the stone, which was formed in the Jurassic period dating some 200 million years ago, has been used to build the houses, cottages and farm buildings for centuries.

We are still extracting seams of the limestone, and will be for many years to come, by its nature we have the many variations of natural colour, textures and fossil content, ideally suited for us to create the building stone and masonry products still used today.Marnhull Stone Quarry, Dorset
Due to the fact that Marnhull Stone, being a natural product, variations in colour, consistency, texture and fossil content are always to be expected.
We shall be quarrying here for many years to come, there are vast amounts of stone within the quarry, and many differing grades of seams still to extract. We will produce any amount of building stone you may require, enough for a small porch or extension to fulfilling the requirements of a new mansion house, along with all the necessary Quoins, window sills, corbel stones and window heads.......even the name stone for your house.
We look forward to your enquiry for any intended use of Marnhull Stone products

For more information please contact us on one of the following numbers or mail us

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The Todber Quarry circa 1925

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